Professional Full-Time Nannies in the India

We recruit experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable nannies and governesses for positions in the India. Nannies registered with us for India roles are looking for permanent positions on either a live-in or daily (live-out) basis, and mostly to work full-time. We also provide after-school nannies in Paris.

Our nannies can hold a childcare/nanny diploma and will have at least three years of childcare experience, often within the private home setting or nurseries. A professional nanny is competent to provide sole charge of children in her care. In their daily work, nannies take responsibility for physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of their charges and are able to organise daily activities to stimulate and develop these areas; they promote a happy, caring and interesting environment for the children to be brought up in.

We take our time to carefully screen nannies and pay particular attention when matching nannies with families. We listen to your needs and candidates are always chosen specifically based on your individual.

India Nanny Duties

  • Duties include nursery duties, i.e. all aspects of childcare such as preparing children’s meals, feeding, dressing, bathing, overseeing all daily activities, children’s laundry if required, keeping children’s rooms tidy, supervising homework, organising play dates, any other childcare duties there may be and mainly focussing on age-appropriate language teaching.
  • Working hours vary based on individual requirements and typically are Monday to Friday/10 – 12 hours a day in Europe and 6 days a week/12 hours a day or 24/6 cover in the Middle East.
  • Nannies in positions overseas need to be provided with accommodation (own bedroom & bathroom or separate accommodation).
  • Nannies working overseas are happy to travel with families.
  • Visa/immigration formalities, medical cover and transportation costs (including interview travel cost) are the responsibility of the employer.
  • Annual holiday allowance is a minimum of 4/5 weeks with at least one return flight back home provided to the nanny annually.

Our Nannies

Before filling out the online application, please verify that you meet the Requirements of the Live-in Caregiver Program.

Also, keep in mind that your application will not be activated unless all the required documents are received by us.

Please forward the following to us via email:

  1. Include 2 color photographs of your happy self.
  2. Provide a copy of at least one written reference letter from a current or previous employer, or a character reference from a friend, clergy, doctor, etc…
  3. Include a copy of confirmation of your highest education.
  4. Write a letter to your host family in the English language. It is your way to speak to the family, so make it very personable and make it stand out from the rest.
    Discuss these suggested topics:
    Introduce yourself, your family, and your way of life.
    What is your current job?
    Why would you like to be a nanny in Canada?
    How do your friends describe you?
    What are your personal strengths, and do you have any special education, training or skills?
    Can you cook, and if so, what types of foods?
    What are your hobbies, and what do you like to do for fun?
    What are your expectations from your future employer?
    What are your future plans and goals?

* Desired Position

* Personal

* Current Address

*Employment History