nanny-holding-baby2-copyFinding a nanny can be a demanding and stressful process for Canadian families. Our nanny agency is the perfect solution for hiring a nanny and it’s designed to make your child care search easy, effective and economical

Are you waiting for a daycare “spot” to open up? Are you in need of last minute care for a sick child? Do you require after school, long-term child care, or simply a night out? Itty Bitty Agency will help you find the perfect solution to your families needs. Our nannies are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Itty Bitty Agency is a Nanny and Babysitting Agency dedicated to providing the highest quality child care services within the GTA. Because we have a number of qualified nannies on staff, you will never have to miss another appointment, workday, business trip, or date night again. Our professionally screened caregivers includes Live-in and Live-out nannies, full and part time babysitters and vacation sitters. Simply contact us and let us know how we can best serve you.

All of our nannies are carefully screened – our nannies are interviewed face to face; must have previous child care experience; a clean police record; and have CPR training. We take great pride in making sure that we find the perfect match for your family’s unique, individual needs.

If you are searching for a Permanent Nanny, we will personally discuss what your are looking for in a nanny so we can determine your families needs; provide you with screened candidate portfolios; give you tips on interviewing and hiring (including salary negotiation).

Our Nannies are:


Our nannies are very friendly as we all consider ourselves families regardless of whom you are and where you are from. We work hard to make everyone comfortable.


Our nannies are well qualified, licensed and carefully screened. Nannies are interviewed face to face; must have previous child care experience; clean police record; and CPR training.


We hire our nannies based on their great and awesome experiences with great references. We go through these thoroughly for the safety of our kids and their families

Our Process

At Itty Bitty Agency, we understand the importance of finding the right match for our caregivers and families, so our strong expertise in the selection and matching process and our licensed professionals make the process an easy one. We have built our reputation one family at a time and wish to continue sharing our success with families and caregivers across the country.

  • Family Consultation – Needs assessment
    • Here, our placement consultants obtain information on the employer family requirements. This includes information about those being attended to, including family personalities, interests, special needs, typical work days, cooking/cleaning requirements, pets, etc…
  • Matching & Interviews – Candidate Selection & HRSDC Requirements including job bank advertizing
    • Using the information provided, we will then search our network of caregivers for the most suitable pre-screened applicants. (References checked, experience/backgrounds assessed, and selected few are interviewed for the placements.).
    • We would provide 3 – 5 candidate profiles to the family for interviewing and selection, we would also provide the family with prepared interview questions to add to their own. The family may interview all candidates multiple times to find the right match.
      Once a match has been made, we proceed to the next step; Paperwork & HRSDC, CIC application.
  • Paperwork & HRSDC, CIC Application – Prepare the LMO and meet HRSDC and government requirements
    • Our Consultant will prepare the LMO (Labour Market Opinion) and we will work with the family in obtaining the paperwork for compliance with the HRSDC-Canadian Caregiver Program & CIC requirements.
    • At this stage, it is a good idea for the family to maintain regular contact with the caregiver to get to know them even better before arrival/placement. Phone/video calls, face book and other social media contact are good tools for this. This helps start things off to a good start.
  • Caregiver arrival/placement & Support – Prepare for arrival or placement
    • At this stage, the caregiver starts employment and we provide full and complete support for the duration of employment. Should there be any questions, we are available to help.
  • Canadian Live-In Caregiver Program Requirements – Establish eligibility first
    • Here, candidates must establish eligibility to work in Canada prior to applying with us and proceeding to the screening and interview process.
    • For a comprehensive list of requirements, visit HRSDC at the following site:
    • For immigration requirements under the Canadian Live-In Caregiver Program, visit:
    • All expenses for immigration and travel are required to be paid by the employer as per current Canadian regulations.
    • Itty Bitty Nannies Screening – Thorough interview and Experience, Educational, Language check
      • At this stage, you would need to provide the supporting documentation needed in meeting the CIC requirements. Ex. Education, Experience, Language Skills, etc.
      • Itty Bitty Nannies will begin by assessing your profile and CHECKING ALL REFERENCES including but not limited to current employers and criminal checks, prior to beginning the interview process.
      • Interview process commences. There will be specific questions tailored to reveal character, personality, experience, and other traits relevant to employment in Canada with Canadian families.
      • Note: Any fraudulent or misleading information provided will automatically terminate/revoke the application process.
    • Paperwork & Job Advertizing – LMO and Job Advertizing
      • Itty Bitty Nannies consultants assist with the paperwork for the LMO and will process with Advertizing on the job bank for 14 days.
    • 4) Work Permit – Documentation preparation
      • Obtain all required translated documentation for work permit. This includes criminal records, qualifications, etc…
      • Complete application for work permit.
      • Attend visa interview and entry requirements.
      • Obtain work permit at entry port.
    • Arrival Arrangements –
      • Arrive to port and ensure employer agreed to arrangements pickup arrangements are met
      • Ensure your work permit & passport remains with you at all times. The employer is not permitted to maintain these documents.
      • Our office number is (647)648-5922.