nn-imgSponsoring your Caregiver from abroad is a great option and becoming the only way to ensure a live-in caregiver may stay with you for 2 or more years. Our nannies from overseas each have an interview to review their accomplishments and capabilities. We select only the best skilled of the many candidates that apply, ensuring that you get the best caregiver for your needs. We match not only skills and abilities but also personalities.

We conduct a thorough orientation program and will provide you with a selection of candidates who are excited to work in Canada as a Live-in Caregiver and have excellent work experience. Upon selection of the Candidate, we will then begin the process of you sponsoring the caregiver.

Itty Bitty Nanny Agency has helped many families find quality overseas (sponsored) caregivers. Our trained professionals along with our licensed immigration consultants screen the caregivers and process the Labor Market Opinions, Work Permits, and all other applications required for hiring overseas nannies.